Full Statement on SBISD Resolution Regarding New Title IX Policy

Somos Spring Branch voices our strong opposition to the proposed resolution that seeks to...

Somos Spring Branch voices our strong opposition to the proposed resolution that seeks to defy the new Title IX rules set to take effect in August. This resolution is not only a misguided attempt to undermine federal law, but it also poses significant risks to our students and our community.

Title IX, since its inception, has been a cornerstone of educational equity, protecting students from discrimination based on sex. Recent updates from the Department of Education have extended these protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

However, the board's resolution, influenced by Governor Abbott's directive, seeks to ignore these essential protections. If SBISD chooses to defy federal law, we risk losing $56 million in federal funding. This financial devastation would severely impact our district, which has already faced significant challenges and cutbacks, including a recent lighting fast decision with zero community input to close Spring Shadows Elementary School on June 30th. 

Ignoring the new Title IX rules will not only hurt our district financially but also morally. It will perpetuate discrimination against LGBTQ+ students, who deserve the same protections and opportunities as their peers. Allowing such discrimination leads to increased rates of bullying, mental health issues, and even physical violence against these vulnerable students. Students who have been kicked out of classrooms, assaulted in locker rooms, and bullied in hallways, all because of their sexual orientation and gender identities. These students look to us for protection and support, and we cannot stand by while this board and administration slap them in the face.

To our community, we urge you to take action. Go to our Take Action page to learn more about what you can do. 

The resolution proposed by this board is on the wrong side of history. It endangers the welfare of our students and jeopardizes the financial stability of our district. Let us not allow discriminatory practices to dictate the future of our community. Stand with us in protecting the rights and dignity of every student. Together, we can ensure that Spring Branch ISD begins to be a place where all students can thrive without fear of discrimination.